Rosh Ha’Shanah – Israel’s Civil New YearAs summer wanes, signs of the coming change in season have begun creeping in at every turn. The fig trees ripe with fruit, the dates hang heavy on the palm trees where the grow near the dead sea in the Israeli desert, and fresh succulent figs and dates have

There’s just no beating the classics … A favorite among Israelis, nothing is quite so delightful as biting into a freshly baked rugelach (a chocolate-filled pastry) just moments after it comes out of the oven. That blissful bite is especially tasty amid all of the hustle and bustle of Jerusalem’s outdoor market on Fridays, as

Of course, Jerusalem has no equal. The spiritual epicenter of the world, and the capital of both modern and ancient Israel, she will always be the queen of our hearts and the jewel of the ages. But tell me, what do you know about Tel Aviv? While the physical distance between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv

Whether we’re looking for it, or simply trying to do some home renovations, as this Israeli family had intended, history lies at every turn! This amazing discovery of a 2,000-year-old ritual bath under their living room, in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Ein Kerem, gives further proof to the long-held belief that this was the birthplace

Good news for everyone suffering from diabetes or high blood sugar! Israeli researchers have discovered an aromatic shrub, indigenous to Israel and the Middle East, called Chiliadenus iphionoides (sharp varthemia) that has the ability to lower blood sugar levels. According to Dr. Jonathan Gorelick’s research in the field, consumption of the plant increases sugar absorption

Sabbatical Year: What does the ‘Shmita’ mean to us today? Perhaps you’ve heard the term being tossed around as of late and wondered about it; this year is a Shmita Year in Israel, called ‘Shnat Shmita’ in Hebrew, which means a Sabbatical Year. Literally translated, this means ‘release’, pointing toward the sabbatical agricultural year in

Fun Foodie Facts from Israel In our last food blog, we touched on the evolution of ethnic dishes brought to Israel by immigrating Jews from all over the world. Of course, most signature dishes of any culture evolve into such as a result of that region’s natural food supply; so recreating these ethnic dishes in

Yes, it’s that time … it’s time for the food talk! Have you begun wondering to yourself yet, what savory morsels of “who-knows-what” you will be eating in Israel? Well, not to blow our own shofar, but we Israelis are very proud of our Israeli-Jewish fusion cuisine, and luckily for you, there’s something in it

Israel is often lauded as a miraculous, even mystical convergence of Biblical and modern realities. And it truly is, but this concept can be hard to wrap one’s head around until it is experienced firsthand, in Israel; and even then, it never ceases to amaze us. Israel contains a wealth of archaeological artifacts (discovered and

You heard about the severe drought (considered the worst in recorded history) that the State of California has been enduring? Officials are hysteric over the water crisis and the Governor has introduced sever measures to cut back on water usage and waste. What you might not have heard is the fact that advanced Israeli water