Nestled in the mountains a few miles west from Jerusalem is one of Israel’s most famous and delicious destinations. Abu Gosh is a prosperous Arab Israeli village just off the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv highway, and the home of some of the most popular middle eastern cuisine restaurants in the land. Thousands of Israelis flood these establishments

There’s just no beating the classics … A favorite among Israelis, nothing is quite so delightful as biting into a freshly baked rugelach (a chocolate-filled pastry) just moments after it comes out of the oven. That blissful bite is especially tasty amid all of the hustle and bustle of Jerusalem’s outdoor market on Fridays, as

Fun Foodie Facts from Israel In our last food blog, we touched on the evolution of ethnic dishes brought to Israel by immigrating Jews from all over the world. Of course, most signature dishes of any culture evolve into such as a result of that region’s natural food supply; so recreating these ethnic dishes in

Yes, it’s that time … it’s time for the food talk! Have you begun wondering to yourself yet, what savory morsels of “who-knows-what” you will be eating in Israel? Well, not to blow our own shofar, but we Israelis are very proud of our Israeli-Jewish fusion cuisine, and luckily for you, there’s something in it