NOVEMBER 13 – 23, 2017

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Join us for this unforgettable and timely expedition to the Land of Israel. This tour is an inspiring and educational 10 day journey that will offer you firsthand insight into Israel’s fascinating past, dramatic present and promising future. We’ll explore the Galilee and the City of Jerusalem.






You can expect large breakfast and dinner buffets, which include a nice blend of cultural choices and traditional food with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Lunches include a variety of options from buffets to intimate restaurant experiences. The water in Israel is safe to drink, and bottled water is available throughout Israel. Coffee (Nescafe) and juices are served at breakfast; all other meals offer water though additional beverages can be purchased. Coffee may be available after dinner in coffee lounges.


If you have a specific food allergy or special dietary needs, we recommend that you plan for your unique needs in advance of your trip. For the most part you will find enough variety on the buffets or in restaurants for all meals to enjoy the foods of the region while still maintaining your diet. You may want to bring some heat resistant snacks to supplement your diet during touring days.



Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this promotion. However, due to individual group patterns, group size, weather, traffic, and other factors beyond our control, the number, the order, and the days in which sites will be visited may be altered.







Monday, NOV 13 – International Travel

Departure from one of our predetermined gateways from USA. Dinner and overnight onboard the airplane.


Tuesday, NOV 14 – Welcome to the Land of the Bible

Arrival, reception, check-in, orientation, and overnight in Tel Aviv.Arrival at Ben-Gurion International Airport. Reception, assistance, and drive up to our mountain hotel in Jerusalem. Check in, orientation, and settle in for a good night’s rest.


Wednesday, NOV 15 – Jerusalem of Gold

We will start our day ascending the Mount of Olives for a beautiful panoramic view of the city overlooking Temple Mt. Continuing on to the Garden of Gethsemane for prayer and meditation; we will stroll through the Old City of Jerusalem, visit the Temple Institute, share Communion & worship at the Garden Tomb, and continue to Bethlehem to meet a Palestinian Christian Pastor. Return to our hotel for dinner and rest.


Thursday, NOV 16 – Jerusalem, Old and New

Our morning starts at the famous Israel Museum which houses the Dead Sea Scrolls and other national treasures, continuing on to view the model of ancient Jerusalem and the Holocaust “Yad Vashem” memorial. We will enter the Old City through the Zion Gate, explore the archaeological garden from the times of Jesus at the Davidson Center, and continue on to the Western Wall. Visit the Friends of Zion amazing museum, and return to our hotel for dinner and rest.


Friday, NOV 17 – Dead Sea and Masada

Traveling south from Jerusalem we will explore the famous Qumran caves and arrive at the Dead Sea, earth’s lowest point, to enjoy the dramatic landscape and swim (float actually). We will hike through David’s desert oasis of Ein Gedi and ascend by cable car to Masada, Israel’s ancient freedom fortress for an unforgettable afternoon. Return to Jerusalem for dinner and rest.


Saturday, NOV 18 – The Bible Heartland

Traveling to Shiloh’s remarkable location in the heart of Samaria where the Ark of the Covenant was housed for hundreds of years, we will enjoy a panoramic view of the biblical heartland of Samaria and the hills of Judea. Continuing through the Ayalon Valley, the site of the battle of Joshua with the Amorites, see the Emmaus Road and visit the Biblical Garden at Yad-8 and meet Israeli Messianic Believers. Return to our hotel for a dinner and rest.


Sunday, NOV 19 – Jordan Valley and the Sea of Galilee

Traveling north along the Jordan Valley and Jericho, we’ll arrive at the Sea of Galilee. Taking in the sites of New Testament parables and miracles around the Lake of Galilee, we’ll share a baptism service (for those interested) in the Jordan River, visit ancient Capernaum where Jesus performed many miracles, continue on to the Mount of Beatitudes, and enjoy an afternoon boat ride across the Sea of Galilee. Dinner & rest in Tiberias.


Monday, NOV 20 – Golan Heights and Caesarea Philippi

Following a delicious Israeli breakfast, we will drive up the Golan Heights to the border town of Kunaitra with view of the Syrian border, visit Emek Ha-Bacha (Valley of Tears) memorial where the largest tank battle since WW2 took place during the 1973 Yom-Kippur War, and enjoy a unique lunch at a Druze village. Afternoon visit to Caesarea Philippi where the Lord Jesus asked the famous question, “Who do you say that I am?” enjoy the Banias Spring which is the headwaters of the Jordan River, and return to our hotel for dinner and rest.


Tuesday, NOV 21 – Nazareth, Armageddon and Caesarea on the Sea

Traveling west through the Galilee we’ll see Nazareth, continue to the prophetic site of Armageddon, and enjoy a biblical experience in KFAR KEDEM biblical village. We will ascend Mount Carmel overseeing the breathtaking Mediterranean and the City of Haifa, and arrive to the summit where the Prophet Elijah called on God who answered by fire. After meeting Israeli & Arab Believers at the Carmel Assembly, we’ll travel south through the Coastal Highway, the ancient Via Maris, to Caesarea by the Sea, the ancient Roman capital of the Judea during the time of Jesus. Settle in for a good night’s rest at our hotel on the Mediterranean Coast.


Wednesday, NOV 22 – Tel Aviv & Jaffa

Visit ancient Jaffa & Modern Tel Aviv, stroll the Mediterranean boardwalk and the historic neighborhood of Neve Tzedek which is today Tel Aviv’s most fashionable and artistic district. We’ll visit the Independence Hall, followed by a festive farewell dinner and transfer to the International Airport for your departing flight home.



Arrival back to USA.


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Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this promotion. However, due to individual group patterns, group size, weather, traffic, and other factors beyond our control, the number, the order, and the days in which sites will be visited may be altered.


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